Schoolchildren catering

Meals for children in educational institutions are organized in such a way as to create conditions for everyone to eat quality, hot and healthy food.

Meals are organized in school food premises and other suitable premises or places. School canteens are equipped with modern technological equipment, refrigeration equipment, inventory and dishes.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are organized in schools on school days, and can be organized on holidays, holidays and vacations during the school year. During the summer holidays, students are fed at daytime summer camps organized by schools.

Child nutrition in educational institutions is organized taking into account the physiological needs, the peculiarities of children’s age and the principles and rules of health nutrition. Children are fed according to menus approved by the head of the establishment and agreed with the State Food and Veterinary Service.

All students have access to hot, healthy food prepared in the on-site cooking departments.

In addition to basic meals, schools provide sustainable meals for people with gastrointestinal, kidney, liver and other diseases. Sustainable meals are prepared according to a separate menu. To prepare such food, school food processing departments are provided with the necessary technological equipment.

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